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Family-Owned Weinrich’s Bakery Creates Sweet Treats for Every Occasion

by Celia

WILLOW GROVE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – For over a century, Weinrich’s Bakery in Willow Grove has been a family-owned establishment, offering a variety of baked goods to its loyal customers.

“My grandfather, Herman Weinrich, for whom I’m named, opened the bakery in New York City in 1919,” says Herman Weinrich, Co-Owner of Weinrich’s Bakery.

Michael Weinrich, the bakery’s Production Manager, adds, “He came over from Germany in 1914.”

In the 1930s, the bakery relocated to Philadelphia and eventually settled in Willow Grove in 1952.

“We make it special so that when you come in here, you enjoy the experience and get top-notch products made with the finest ingredients,” Herman states.

Michael, who has been a baker for 45 years, starts his day at 4:30 AM to ensure the freshness of their products. His brother Herman and Herman’s wife, Beth, co-own the business. Both had previous careers—Herman as a lawyer for 31 years and Beth as a social worker. They also raised five children.

Beth reflects on their unexpected venture into the bakery business during their retirement, calling it “wonderful and fulfilling” to keep the family tradition alive.

The bakery prides itself on daily fresh baking. “We make vanilla cake, chocolate cake, pound cakes, and various Danish pastries and cupcakes,” Michael explains. “Right now, we’re baking vanilla cake.”

Longtime employees assist in producing a range of items, including mini treats like miniature eclairs, cream puffs, petit fours, cannolis, and miniature brownies.

“We’re known for our butter cake and butter cookies,” says Beth.

Herman adds, “Specialty cakes are really our number one item,” noting that their signature buttercream, a recipe from the 1960s with no sugar grit, is a customer favorite.

Beth believes their bakery is beloved by the community because “there’s something for everyone.”

Continuing the family tradition is Michael Kirby, the fourth generation to work at the bakery. He is involved in baking, selling, and training as a supervisory manager.

“My grandmother’s a Weinrich,” says Kirby, expressing his passion for baking. “Michael’s grandmother is my father’s sister,” Herman explains. “They both worked in the business and are now retired in Florida.”

Kirby is eager to learn the family’s recipes, many of which are in German. Beth is thrilled that the legacy continues with the next generation, saying, “We’re happy to have him.”

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