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Midland’s First Allergen-Free Bakery to Open This Summer

by Celia

Midland will welcome its first allergen-free bakery, Off The Wheaten Path, this summer. The bakery, located just west of the city at 579 E. Isabella Rd. (M-20, near 5 Mile Rd.), is the brainchild of owner and operator Kelly Carlin. Carlin, who acquired the space last month, is currently renovating it.

Carlin decided to transition her business from her home to a physical store to meet local demand and fulfill her passion for baking.

“It’s a dedicated gluten-free bakery, and I specialize in other allergen-friendly goods as well, including egg-free, dairy-free, and fat-free options,” Carlin said. “You can’t tell what’s missing; the flavor and texture are the same. If you didn’t know it was gluten-free, you wouldn’t notice.”

Carlin’s inspiration for creating allergen-free baked goods stems from her personal experience.

“I have celiac disease, which is challenging, especially after working in a bakery for 19 years. But I love to bake,” she said. “We also have other allergies in our family. One daughter is allergic to cow’s milk and egg whites, and another has a gluten intolerance.”

Carlin has developed a strong connection with her customers through her specialty goods.

“It is so exciting to see people light up and say, ‘Oh, I can eat that?’ or ‘I can pick out anything?’ It melts my heart when parents bring their kids and tell them they can pick any treat because it’s all safe for them.”

Before moving to Midland in 2019, Carlin and her family lived in Saginaw Township. They decided to move after frequently visiting Midland on weekends.

“We love it here. It’s a family-friendly community with great schools and lots to do. It’s been a great move.”

From 2021 to 2023, Carlin sold her baked goods at the Midland Area Farmers Market, where her business thrived.

“After some research, I learned that my business would be the only dedicated gluten-free facility within 100 miles,” Carlin said. “They’re really few and far between.”

In the off-season, she operated a porch pop-up from her home, selling out within the first two hours during the last two months.

During this time, Carlin was also pursuing a nursing career. However, she eventually decided to follow her true passion.

“When I got my acceptance letter into the nursing program, my stomach dropped—I wasn’t excited anymore,” Carlin said. “My husband then told me to focus on my business because it made me happy.”

Six months later, a realtor contacted her about a space for her bakery. Carlin spent the next year and a half searching for the perfect location for Off The Wheaten Path. She hopes to open on June 22, though the official opening date has not yet been announced.

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