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New French Bakery Adds Flavor to Downeast Maine

by Celia

Machias, Maine (WABI) – Nestled within the historic walls of a 200-year-old milkhouse at Schoppee Farm in Machias, Chef Ross Florance is busy crafting authentic French delicacies.

From traditional croissants and chocolate croissants to the Breton specialty Kouign-amann and canelés, Florance’s bakery also features sourdough made exclusively from locally-sourced grains, proudly sourced from Skowhegan.

But a bakery experience wouldn’t be complete without specialty coffees. Florance, expressing his passion for both bakeries and coffee, never imagined he would one day open his own establishment.

Since its opening in the summer of 2023, the bakery has consistently drawn crowds.

“We just enjoy the camaraderie, and it is great to support Ross. It’s great that we have a young entrepreneur in the area to bring life back to this place,” shared customer Tammi Aiello.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Florance boasts an impressive culinary background, having worked in esteemed kitchens worldwide.

When not busy baking or perfecting the espresso machine, Florance treats guests to an upscale dining experience.

On Friday evenings, patrons can indulge in an 8-10-course meal while watching Chef Ross prepare each dish.

“The wine that he pairs is perfect with every course. In fact, all the wines that my husband and I love, we’ve never seen any other place but Ross,” Aiello praised.

The dinner menu, a reflection of seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, changes weekly to showcase the farm’s produce. Florance’s culinary repertoire also includes fresh seafood sourced directly from local docks.

“Sometimes I’ll have lobstermen come to a dinner and they’ll be like, ‘Woah, I have never seen this prepared like this.’ They know how much I care about the product, and they really respect that,” Florance remarked.

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