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New Artisan Bakery in Fort Myers Offers Bread, Pastries, and Specialty Coffee

by Celia

Crafting exceptional baked goods requires a blend of time, patience, knowledge, and love. This ethos forms the foundation of Sour & Dough Artisan Bakery, a newly opened establishment in Fort Myers, Florida.

Co-owner Marcel Itzcovich emphasizes the demanding nature of artisan baking, noting the extensive time and dedication required for each product. From croissants that take up to two days to perfect to breads that demand over 24 hours of preparation, Itzcovich underscores the necessity of genuine passion in the baking process.

Selecting the bakery’s location was a deliberate process fueled by a deep affection for the craft. Initially considering Naples as the ideal setting, Itzcovich and his partners ultimately discovered the perfect spot at the University Village Shops in Fort Myers. Despite initially envisioning a bustling location, Itzcovich came to appreciate the appeal of a destination spot, where customers seek out quality products.

The bakery, nestled in the University Village Shops near Florida Gulf Coast University, boasts a revamped interior that exudes a modern and inviting ambiance. Transitioning from their original vision of a specialty coffee shop, Itzcovich and his partners expanded the concept to encompass a full-fledged bakery offering freshly made goods starting at 5 a.m. each day.

From savory focaccia sandwiches to delicate European pastries and hearty bread varieties, Sour & Dough prides itself on its diverse menu made entirely from scratch. The bakery’s signature sourdough bread, alongside an array of other offerings, is meticulously prepared to perfection.

Complementing the delectable baked goods is a selection of specialty coffee made from Colombian beans, prepared to the highest standards. With offerings ranging from espresso to cold brew, Sour & Dough ensures that coffee enthusiasts find their perfect brew.

For Itzcovich, the bakery represents a culmination of his passion for baking and coffee, a sentiment that resonates in every aspect of Sour & Dough’s offerings.

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