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Death Grip Donuts Debuts 14 New Creations for National Donut Day

by Celia

Death Grip Donuts is set to mark National Donut Day, falling on Friday, June 7, with a sweet and savory bang by unleashing 14 tantalizing new creations onto its already diverse menu. The joint venture between Lainey Lucas and Cameron Hill promises an array of delectable treats, aiming to tantalize taste buds and evoke nostalgic summer memories.

Lucas, co-owner of the beloved donut food truck, describes the new offerings as “the season’s greatest hits wrapped in one,” likening the experience to a nostalgic summer mixtape. With this latest addition, the menu expands to a sumptuous total of 32 bite-sized delights, each promising a journey down memory lane.

Among the highlights are two savory innovations: the “Grillin’ N’ Chillin’,” reminiscent of a jalapeño popper with its fiery kick and cooling cream cheese glaze, and “Stuff Your Pie Hole,” a pizza-inspired creation featuring savory pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

Lucas emphasizes their commitment to pushing the flavor boundaries, urging patrons to expect the unexpected while assuring them of a gastronomic adventure. The culinary creativity doesn’t stop there, with other unique offerings including the fiery “Hot Mess Express” adorned with a cream cheese glaze and Hot Cheetos, as well as “The Boardwalk,” a whimsical blend of vanilla glaze and cotton candy bits.

Also making a triumphant return is “The Local’s Only,” a collaboration with Uncle Boof’s World Famous Pancake Mix, following its successful debut at the Sugar Maple Festival in Bellbrook last April.

Reflecting on the overwhelming support from the Dayton community, Lucas expresses gratitude for the unwavering enthusiasm that continues to fuel their culinary dreams. As patrons eagerly line up to savor their latest creations, Lucas acknowledges their indispensable role in bringing Death Grip Donuts’ vision to life, cementing them as integral participants in the sweet journey ahead.

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