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Donut Deluge! Celebrate National Donut Day with These Local Favorites

by Celia

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — National days celebrating everything from bubble baths to lost socks have become commonplace. However, this Friday marks an event that everyone can enjoy: National Donut Day.

On June 7, not only will Pat Sajak host his final episode of Wheel of Fortune, but donut lovers across the nation will also be indulging in their favorite fried treats. In preparation, we asked our readers and viewers to share their top donut destinations. The response was overwhelming, providing an extensive list of must-visit donut shops and bakeries.

Golden Valley: Funner Brothers

Mitzi Murphy Dosher highly recommends both the donuts and caramel rolls here, simply describing them as “YUM!”

New Prague: Lau’s Czech Bakery

Mike Beadle, a KARE Facebook follower, praises the fluffy and light donuts and also highlights the kolackys.

Eden Prairie and Minneapolis: Bober Tea & Mochi Dough

Joe Daniels’s favorite is the Funnel Cake. He notes the unique texture of the mochi dough, made with rice flour, which is chewy inside and crisp outside, along with unique flavors.

Minnetonka: Yo-Yo Donuts

Amanda Taylor points out that these donuts are peanut and tree nut-free, with vegan options available, and describes them as “1000% delicious!”

Columbia Heights: Heights Bakery

This bakery received multiple mentions on our Facebook page. Carol Moe Russ enjoys the simple chocolate-covered donuts, while Molly Marie Gordon believes any fresh donut from Heights Bakery is incomparable, noting its long-standing presence in the community.

Farmington: Sweet Kneads

Karen Spittell Ogden describes the donuts here as “straight-up SCRUMPTIOUS.”

Minneapolis: Mel-O-Glaze Bakery

Mo Ro claims the best raised glaze donuts are served at Mel-O-Glaze.

Maple Grove: Uffda Donuts

Jarrod Peterson praises the great service, unique donuts, and bold flavors.

Buffalo and Monticello: Moon Donuts and Cafe

Danielle Lowell recommends the blueberry cake donut, calling it the best she has ever had.

Apple Valley: Luna Donuts

Christina Kern is a fan of Luna, emphasizing their freshness and cautioning that they close by 2 p.m. or earlier if they sell out.

Shakopee: The Donut Hole

Tann Blahnik raves about the consistently amazing donuts here.

Between Hackensack and Longville: Woman Lake Lodge

Chelsea Rostad and Renee Roth-Mark both insist the homemade donuts are worth a stop, or even a road trip.

Clearwater: Nelson Brothers Bakery/Clearwater Travel Plaza

Leslie Stetson Helland recommends the Red Velvet Glazed donut.

Cold Spring: Cold Spring Bakery

Kayla Paro declares the bakery’s offerings as the best of all baked goods.

Elk River: Blue Egg Bakery

Preston Heuer appreciates the light and not overly sweet conventional donuts, noting the generously filled donuts.

Winona: Bloedow Bakery

Multiple readers praised Bloedow’s donuts, with Scott Davis encapsulating their appeal with the hashtag #GreatnessDefined. A drive along the Mississippi River would be a perfect prelude to enjoying these treats.

This list is far from exhaustive but offers a great start for celebrating National Donut Day. Explore these options and plan your Friday to honor the genius of donuts.

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