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Mister Donut Adds Curry and “Mexican Meat” Donuts to Savory Lineup

by Celia

Mister Donut, Japan’s leading donut chain known for its straightforward name, has expanded its menu with new savory offerings. While “donut” often conjures images of sweet, ring-shaped treats, in Japan, it can also refer to round pieces of fried bread with savory fillings. This broader definition has led to the creation of Mister Donut’s latest products.

The new lineup, called Zakumocchi Dogs, features a unique texture described as “crunchy” on the outside and “chewy” on the inside. The name combines “zaku,” meaning crunchy, and “mocchi,” meaning chewy. Despite the name, the “Dog” part appears to refer to their oblong shape, reminiscent of hot dogs.

There are three varieties of Zakumocchi Dogs:

Zakumocchi Dog Curry: This donut features a savory curry filling, a staple in Japanese bakeries. Mister Donut’s version is distinctive for its open top, revealing the curry inside, and is topped with a slice of soft-boiled egg.

Zakumocchi Dog Mexican Meat: Inspired by chili con carne, this donut includes a spicy filling of ground beef, tomato, onion, and beans, finished with a swirl of cheddar cheese.

Zakumocchi Dog Egg: Modeled after Japan’s popular egg salad sandwiches, this donut includes a slice of soft-boiled egg.

All three varieties are priced at 308 yen (approximately US$2) and are available now. For those who believe savory fried bread isn’t a true donut, these new items offer the perfect excuse to enjoy a sweet donut from Mister Donut’s menu as well, without feeling guilty about indulging in two donuts in one sitting.

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