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5 Places to Score Donut Deals on National Donut Day

by Celia

National Donut Day is on Friday, offering a sweet opportunity for donut lovers.

This holiday, observed on the first Friday of June every year, dates back to 1938. It was established by the Salvation Army in Chicago to honor the organization’s Lassies, who served donuts to soldiers during World War I.

Today, the celebration is more casual, with many chains like Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme using the occasion to offer special deals to customers.

Here are five places offering sweet deals:

Dunkin’: Enjoy a free classic donut of your choice with the purchase of any beverage, while supplies last.

Krispy Kreme: Get one free donut per person at all U.S. locations, no purchase necessary. This offer excludes specialty and limited-time donuts.

Lamar’s Donuts & Coffee: Receive one free Ray’s Original glazed donut all day. Lamar’s has select locations in five U.S. states.

Shipley’s: Get a free glazed “do-nut” per person with any purchase, while supplies last, at participating locations. Shipley’s has about 300 locations, primarily in the southern U.S.

Duck Donuts: Enjoy a free cinnamon sugar donut, no purchase necessary. Duck Donuts has 100 locations across the U.S.

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