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Gail’s Bakery Partners with Waitrose Canary Wharf for First Takeaway Venture

by Celia

Gail’s Bakery is expanding its presence by opening its first takeaway site within Waitrose Canary Wharf. Scheduled to open its doors on June 6th, this 280 sq ft space will offer a variety of Gail’s signature bread, baked goods, and specialty coffee for on-the-go enjoyment. The menu, mirroring the seasonal changes of other Gail’s locations, will feature delights such as cinnamon buns, croissants, sausage rolls, sourdough bread, and sandwiches.

Customers will have the convenience of ordering through Gail’s click & collect service, with options for home and office delivery also available for its sharing ranges. This development comes after a year-long extension of the partnership between Gail’s and Waitrose, during which Gail’s branded fixtures were introduced to 64 Waitrose stores. Waitrose notably doubled its selection of Gail’s products, now including crackers, baguettes, bagels, and muffins alongside the beloved sourdough loaves, which have been stocked since 2010.

Waitrose Canary Wharf alone accounts for nearly 5% of Gail’s total Waitrose sales, reflecting a nationwide trend of 35% year-on-year growth in Gail’s lines within Waitrose stores. Marta Pogroszweska, Managing Director of Gail’s, expressed excitement about the partnership, affirming their commitment to providing quality craft bakery experiences to the community.

Nathan Ansell, Customer Director at Waitrose, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the alignment of Gail’s values with Waitrose’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This venture marks another step in Waitrose’s strategy to enhance customer experience through store upgrades, refurbishments, and new collaborations.

Despite its rapid expansion, Gail’s remains dedicated to maintaining its identity as a destination for those who appreciate quality and craft. The bakery’s recent milestone of surpassing 130 stores, with four more slated to open by month’s end, underscores its growth trajectory. Gail’s Bakery has also earned recognition in the industry, securing the 12th spot in the latest edition of British Baker’s Bakery Market Report.

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