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Birds Bakery Launches New Doughnut for Charity Week

by Celia

Birds Bakery is gearing up to unveil a delectable addition to its menu that’s sure to tantalize taste buds across Derbyshire. The popular caramel doughnut, a crowd favorite at Birds Bakery shops throughout the region, is about to face stiff competition.

Introducing the double chocolate créme pat-filled doughnut, poised to make its debut on Saturday, May 18, in honor of National Doughnut Week. Not only does this indulgent treat promise a flavor explosion, but it also comes with a heartwarming twist – 25p from each sale will be donated to The Children’s Trust, a leading charity dedicated to supporting youngsters with brain injuries.

But doughnut enthusiasts will need to act fast, as this limited-edition delight will only be available until May 26. And it’s not just the double chocolate option contributing to the cause; 20p from every sale of the classic caramel and jam and cream doughnuts will also be donated to the charity.

This philanthropic initiative isn’t new for Birds Bakery. In 2022, they marked National Doughnut Week with a special golden doughnut, and last year, they invited customers to invent a new flavor, resulting in the lemon-based, orange curd-filled triumph. Over the past two years, these efforts have raised an impressive total of over £20,000.

Jamie Bird, Birds Bakery’s strategy director, expressed excitement about the upcoming launch, stating, “We are excited to launch our new, limited-edition doughnut made especially to celebrate National Doughnut Week 2024. We have been working with The Children’s Trust for almost two decades and have taken part in National Doughnut Week many times, raising over £130,000 through creating new products.”

Bird emphasized the bakery’s commitment to supporting both local and national charities, highlighting the importance of community engagement. He added, “Our bakers have been hard at work creating the double chocolate doughnut, so we hope as many customers as possible manage to get their hands on one before the week is out. However, whichever flavour they choose, a contribution from every doughnut purchased during the week will go towards supporting a fantastic cause.”

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