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La Farm Bakery Expands to Raleigh with Two New Locations

by Celia

La Farm Bakery, established in Cary back in 1999, is expanding its presence to Raleigh with two new locations.

Led by acclaimed baker Lionel Vatinet, La Farm Bakery has garnered recognition as one of the longest-standing bakeries in the Triangle area, renowned for its artisanal sourdough and an array of fresh bread offerings.

The first of the two locations will be a pop-up situated at 122 Glenwood Ave in downtown Raleigh, scheduled to open its doors on May 22nd. Operating hours will span from 7:30am to 7pm daily, offering a variety of bread, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and coffee. Described as “semi-permanent,” the lease for this location is secured through the end of the year, with hopes for a long-term extension.

The addition of this pop-up is significant for downtown Raleigh, providing residents with a broader selection of bakery options following the closure of Union Special’s Fayetteville Street outlet earlier this year.

The second Raleigh location, expected to open later in the summer, will be located at Creekside Crossing Shopping Center, specifically at 404 E. Six Forks Road. Spanning 3,200 square feet, this venue will house a full-service bakery and cafe, offering patrons a comprehensive bakery experience.

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