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Calgary Bakery “Bread Culture” Set for Vancouver Reopening after Temporary Closure

by Celia

After temporarily closing its doors in Calgary over a year ago, a beloved mom-and-pop bakery is set to make a sweet comeback, but this time in Vancouver. Bread Culture, originally founded by the Korean-born couple Sunny and Thomas Park in Calgary’s Beltline in June 2020, garnered a loyal following for its delicious bread, croissants, and pretzels.

Despite shutting down the Calgary shop in September 2022, except for occasional holiday orders, the Parks have been sorely missed by their fans craving their baked treats. However, this week brought good news as the Parks announced the resurrection of Bread Culture, this time in Vancouver’s Dunbar Village.

In their announcement, the Parks reflected on their closure, acknowledging the challenges and joys of running a business. Despite uncertainties, they expressed their unwavering passion for baking and their desire to share it with others. Learning from past experiences, they are determined to operate the bakery more wisely.

While apologizing to their loyal customers in Calgary, the Parks are hopeful for the same encouragement and support from the people of Vancouver. Excitement was palpable on social media, with many Calgary residents urging their Vancouver friends to visit the new Bread Culture.

Although the exact address was not disclosed, a photo accompanying the announcement suggests that Bread Culture may be located at 5525 Dunbar St. The Parks aim to open the bakery in July, promising Vancouverites a delightful treat to look forward to.

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