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New Doughnut Shop Set to Open in NW Bakersfield

by Celia

Residents of Bakersfield, California are in for a treat as a new addition to the doughnut scene is making its way to the area. Mochinut, a unique doughnut brand blending American tradition with Japanese flair, is gearing up to open its doors on Coffee Road, near Kapalua Lane, come June.

What sets Mochinut apart is its innovative fusion of the classic American doughnut with the soft, chewy texture of Japanese mochi. The result is a delectable treat that promises a new experience for doughnut enthusiasts.

Beyond its signature doughnuts, Mochinut offers a variety of other treats to cater to diverse tastes. Patrons can indulge in Boba, soft serve ice cream, and Korean rice flour hotdogs, ensuring there’s something for everyone at this exciting new establishment.

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