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French Bakery Chain Expands Presence in Downtown Vancouver with Second Café

by Celia

A renowned French bakery chain has increased its footprint in Vancouver, adding a second café to its roster in the city. Paul, tracing its roots back to 1889, strategically targeted Vancouver for expansion, marking its Canadian debut with a bakery-café on Robson Street in early 2020.

The inauguration of the Robson Street Paul Bakery occurred in May 2021, coinciding with ongoing dining restrictions in British Columbia amid the pandemic. Now, the brand has unveiled its latest venture, opening doors to its second Vancouver location on the ground floor of the Vancouver Centre II building at 733 Seymour St.

A spokesperson for Paul Bakery communicated via email to V.I.A. that the new café is currently in its soft opening phase and is scheduled for a grand opening on May 21.

Paul is acclaimed for its assortment of pastries, bread, sandwiches, and, at select establishments, a menu featuring casual French cuisine like quiches, crepes, and salads, along with combination meals, beverages, and options for children.

At the newly opened Paul Le Cafe, patrons can indulge in an authentic French coffee experience, complemented by an array of delightful Viennoiseries, exquisite pâtisseries, and crisp macarons, as highlighted by the brand.

During the soft opening period, Paul Le Cafe in Vancouver operates daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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