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Martha Stewart Teams Up with Breads Bakery for New Babka

by Celia

Breads Bakery, the renowned NYC bakery chain with multiple locations across the city, is widely celebrated for its delectable babka. This twisted treat, generously infused with chocolate (we won’t wade into the chocolate versus cinnamon raisin debate, though), has garnered a loyal following. Among its admirers is none other than the culinary icon Martha Stewart, who is joining forces with the bakery to introduce a fresh take on this beloved pastry.

Launching on Friday, May 17, Breads Bakery and Martha Stewart will unveil their collaborative creation, “Martha’s Good Thing Babka.” This new menu item retains the bakery’s award-winning chocolate babka’s signature laminated dough while adding a flavorful twist with a filling of poppy seeds, plump golden raisins, and a hint of citrus zest.

Priced at $17.50 per loaf, the limited-edition babka will be available at Breads Bakery locations across New York City starting May 17. Additionally, it will be offered on the online food marketplace Goldbelly, with various babka combinations starting at $49.95, accessible through both Martha Stewart and Breads Bakery’s storefronts.

For those outside New York City, nationwide shipments of the savory-sweet babka will commence on Monday, May 20, coinciding with the fourth season premiere of Martha Stewart’s Roku series, “Martha Cooks.” The premiere episode will spotlight Breads Bakery, featuring Stewart’s tour of the bakery alongside owner Gadi Paleg, exploring the process of creating their renowned baked goods such as baguettes, challah, and egg sandwiches.

This collaboration marks another innovative venture for Breads Bakery, which has a history of partnering with culinary influencers to introduce exciting flavors and creations to its menu. Previous collaborations include the bialy babka with Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen fame. Breads Bakery has also put its unique spin on traditional treats like black and white cookies and Purim-time hamantaschen, even offering a pizza-flavored variation.

Before indulging in “Martha’s Good Thing Babka,” take a sneak peek at this exciting collaboration below, and experience the delicious fusion of flavors firsthand later this week.

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