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Dolly Parton and Krispy Kreme Collaborate on New Southern-Inspired Doughnut Collection

by Celia

The collaboration has birthed the “Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection,” which hit shelves on Tuesday for a limited run.

This assortment boasts four fresh additions, accompanied by a specially crafted Dolly Parton dozens box:

Dolly Dazzler Doughnut: An Original Glazed doughnut coated in strawberry icing, adorned with gold, pink, and white glitter sprinkles, and topped with a signature chocolate Dolly butterfly piece.

Peachy Keen Cobbler Doughnut: An unglazed doughnut filled with authentic peach filling, dipped in brown sugar icing, and finished with crunchy cobbler topping.

Banana Puddin’ Pie: An unglazed doughnut packed with banana pudding infused with wafers and banana pudding cream, dipped in yellow icing, swirled with white icing, and garnished with a wafer cookie.

Chocolate Créme Pie: An Original Glazed doughnut crowned with a swirl of chocolate brownie cream and vanilla whipped topping, dusted with chocolate cookie crumble.

Expressing her delight, Dolly Parton shared, “Having some of my very favorite southern flavors in one, unique doughnut collection from Krispy Kreme is so special to me. These doughnuts remind me of home. So, I’m excited for folks to share them with their own family and friends. They’re pretty sweet, if I do say so myself!”

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