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Bimbo Expands Presence in Romania with Acquisition of Trei Brutari and Franchisees

by Celia

Bimbo, a prominent bakery group based in Mexico, has confirmed its second major acquisition in Romania, following its earlier purchase of Vel Pitar, the country’s leading bakery, for EUR 200 million. According to reports from Profit.ro, Bimbo has now extended its reach by acquiring Trei Brutari and three associated franchisees, all owned by local entrepreneur Andrei Siminel.

The combined revenue of these entities amounted to approximately RON 300 million (EUR 60 million) last year, with the largest among them boasting a net profit margin of 23%.

Trei Brutari, the focal point of this recent acquisition, stands as the second-largest bakery player in both Bucharest and the southern region of Romania. With operational facilities in Targoviste, Iasi, and Buzau, the company reported a business turnover of RON 176.5 million (EUR 35 million) in the previous year, marking a notable increase from RON 149.5 million in 2022. Moreover, its net profit surged to RON 40.9 million (EUR 8 million), more than double the figure recorded in the preceding year.

In addition to Trei Brutari, Bimbo’s acquisition encompasses three other entities linked to Andrei Siminel’s family, including Click Top Management. Notably, Click Top Management oversees a state-of-the-art bread factory in Craiova, known for producing and distributing the Maritza and Kira brands, with a turnover exceeding RON 53 million.

Among the trio of firms absorbed by Bimbo, Objectives, a franchisee of Vel Pitar based in Brăila, stands out. The company, which initiated plans for constructing a factory in Constanța last year, reported a business turnover exceeding RON 73 million.

Lastly, Strategic Ventures, boasting a modern bakery factory in Dumbrăvița, Timişoara, rounds up the acquisitions. With a turnover surpassing RON 21 million, Strategic Ventures adds to Bimbo’s expanding portfolio within the Romanian bakery market.

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