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Ecklof’s Bakery Supports G.A. Family Services with Special Cookies Sale

by Celia

Ecklof’s Bakery is set to indulge the sweet cravings of Jamestown residents while supporting a worthy cause. From May 13 to 25, the bakery will donate all profits from the sale of their special heart-shaped, red-frosted sugar cookies to G.A. Family Services.

Chad Ecklof, owner of Ecklof’s Bakery, expressed his pride in contributing to G.A. Family Services, formerly known as G.A. Home. “It’s an honor to offer these baked treats in support of G.A. Services,” he remarked. Priced at $1 each, the cookies aim to maximize proceeds for the organization.

Established in 1956, Ecklof’s Bakery has a rich history of supporting the local foster care system. “We’ve been offering these special cookies for over 20 years,” Ecklof shared. “It’s a tradition we hold dear, and we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with G.A. Family Services.”

Kathleen Maynard, Family Resource Coordinator at G.A. Family Services Foster Care, emphasized the impact of Ecklof’s Bakery’s support. “The funds raised through this initiative greatly benefit the children in our care,” she explained. “From providing respite for foster families to supporting various needs, every contribution makes a difference.”

The community has eagerly embraced the initiative, with Ecklof’s heart-shaped cookies flying off the shelves. “We can sell over 300 cookies in just a few days,” Ecklof revealed. “Customers appreciate knowing their purchase supports a worthy cause.”

Jamestown resident Jackson Niagama echoed this sentiment, stating, “Whether pink striped or heart-shaped, these cookies taste delicious, especially knowing they support a good cause.”

Ecklof’s Bakery’s commitment to both quality treats and community welfare exemplifies the spirit of giving back, making each bite of their special cookies even sweeter.

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