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Marry Me Mochi Debuts Trendy Mochi Donut Shop at Square One Mall, Mississauga

by Celia

A new mochi donut shop has recently opened its doors at Square One in Mississauga, offering a unique twist on the traditional Japanese treat.

Named Marry Me Mochi, this dessert establishment is putting a fresh spin on mochi by combining it with the familiar shape of an American donut. Made from pounded glutinous rice, mochi typically boasts a chewy texture, but Marry Me Mochi aims to enhance this with a lighter, airier consistency achieved through the use of rice flour.

Emphasizing a commitment to quality and taste, Marry Me Mochi prides itself on crafting donuts with just the right balance of flavor, steering clear of excessive sweetness or oiliness often associated with typical donuts.

Among their popular offerings are the “Creme Brulove” featuring a creme brulée flavor, and the “Butter Than Your Ex” featuring cookie butter. Additionally, the shop introduces new flavors weekly, with current options including “Lychee AF” (lychee-flavored), “On a Break” (Kitkat), and “All My Exes in One” (covered in fruity pebbles).

In addition to their innovative donuts, Marry Me Mochi serves up various beverages including Vietnamese coffee and creatively flavored lattes like Matcha Pandan and Taro.

This marks the second location for Marry Me Mochi, following the success of their first store launched in 2023 at 1980 St. Clair Ave West in the Stock Yards Village shopping center.

The Mississauga location welcomed its first customers on Saturday, May 11th, operating during Square One’s mall hours from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For those interested in sampling these delectable treats, Marry Me Mochi is conveniently situated at entrance 9 of the shopping center, adjacent to Dollarama and neighboring Magenta Photos.

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