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New Donut Shop in Hellertown Promises Taste of Hawaii

by Celia

Hellertown, PA – Residents of Hellertown might soon find themselves transported to the shores of Hawaii, all thanks to Jay Losagio’s latest venture, Aloha Jay’s Malasadas. Scheduled to open its doors on May 4, this new donut shop aims to bring the spirit of aloha to the local community through a unique offering: malasadas.

Inspired by Losagio’s numerous visits to the Hawaiian islands, Aloha Jay’s Malasadas is set to introduce locals to the delights of this Portuguese-inspired treat, which has become a culinary favorite in Hawaii over the years.

Losagio, whose father was a partner in several renowned Saucon Valley businesses in the 1980s, sees the opening of Aloha Jay’s as a way of carrying on his family’s legacy. His vision for the shop was nurtured during his trips to Hawaii, some of which were with his late father, who encouraged him to bring the concept to fruition back home.

Anticipation for the grand opening has been palpable since plans were unveiled earlier this year. Losagio recounted stories of eager donut enthusiasts showing up at the shop’s doorstep, eagerly awaiting its debut.

What sets malasadas apart from traditional donuts? According to Aloha Jay’s website, malasadas boast an airy, light texture with a moist center, thanks to their higher egg and milk content. Unlike conventional donuts, malasadas are devoid of a hole and feature a crisp exterior.

The menu at Aloha Jay’s will offer a variety of malasada flavors, including coconut cream, ube, raspberry-filled, snow cap cream-filled, custard-filled, sugar-coated, cinnamon and sugar-coated, and plain options. In addition, customers can complement their treats with a selection of beverages, including Hawaiian coffee blends and Aloha Jay’s punch.

The grand opening on May 4 will mark the official start of donut and drink sales. Initially, the shop will operate with a limited selection of malasadas, with plans for a gradual expansion of offerings in the following weeks.

Future additions to the menu include innovative flavors such as Lava Cake, The Sticky, and S’mores malasadas, alongside seasonal varieties. Despite the higher price point compared to standard donuts, Losagio emphasizes the quality ingredients and craftsmanship behind each malasada.

Aloha Jay’s aims to not only tantalize taste buds but also evoke the spirit of aloha, with leis handed out to customers as a gesture of gratitude. The shop’s interior exudes Hawaiian charm, with colorful lighting and tropical accents creating an island-inspired ambiance.

Operating hours for Aloha Jay’s will be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Outdoor seating will be available, allowing patrons to savor their malasadas in a relaxed, tropical setting.

As Hellertown prepares to welcome its newest culinary gem, Aloha Jay’s Malasadas promises to deliver a taste of Hawaii and a warm aloha spirit to all who enter its doors.

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