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Detroit’s Historic Dutch Girl Donuts Set to Reopen with Soft Launch Next Week

by Celia

For avid fans of Dutch Girl Donuts, the wait is nearly over.

Situated on Woodward, just south of 7 Mile Road in Detroit, the beloved establishment recently took to Instagram to announce its plans for a soft reopening slated for next week. The shop had temporarily closed its doors in September 2021 amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.

In a post shared on Wednesday night, the shop expressed its anticipation for the upcoming soft opening, with aspirations of resuming regular hours by Mother’s Day, if all goes according to plan. The message conveyed gratitude to Cecelia and the city of Detroit for their support.

Assurances were given that the iconic donuts would maintain their traditional flavor, with Jon Timmer, the grandson of the founders, committed to upholding the family recipes.

The legacy of Dutch Girl Donuts traces back to 1947 when Cecelia and John Timmer established the original shop under the name Dixie Cream Donuts, initially operating as a franchise outlet near the State Fairgrounds. By 1950, the couple relocated the shop a half-mile south to a newly constructed site, where it continues to stand today.

Transitioning away from the franchise model in the mid-1950s, the shop rebranded as Dutch Girl Donuts, solidifying its identity in the local community.

Following the passing of John Timmer in 1965, his son Gene assumed leadership of the business. Gene, a graduate of West Bloomfield High School in 1964, carried the torch until his own passing on September 17th of last year, succumbing to cancer shortly after the shop temporarily ceased operations.

Stepping into the role of stewarding the family legacy, Jon Timmer, now a third-generation donut-maker, had been assisting in the management of the shop prior to its closure and will continue to carry forward its traditions into the future.

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