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Entrepreneur with Autism Expands Pretzel Business Across Central Maryland

by Celia

Marcus Moore, a resident of Maryland, is exemplifying the potential for individuals with autism by expanding his pretzel business to various locations across Central Maryland.

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month in April, Moore is proudly witnessing his pretzel brand, Moore Crunch, grace the shelves of Fishpaws Marketplace in Arnold. Reflecting on his journey, Moore expressed his gratitude for seeing his product in esteemed establishments like Fishpaws, emphasizing the significance of the milestone.

First introduced to WBAL-TV 11 News in March 2023, Moore embarked on his entrepreneurial venture less than a year prior, driven by his desire for personal growth and independence. At 30 years old and with autism, Moore established Moore Crunch to not only foster self-sufficiency but also to enhance his social interactions and combat social anxiety.

Since its inception, Moore’s business has experienced substantial growth. Transitioning from hand-mixing pretzels in a large bowl to operating in a commercial kitchen, Moore has introduced new flavors, including sour cream and onion, and expanded his clientele.

In addition to Fishpaws Marketplace, Moore’s pretzels are now available at various retailers such as Eddies of Roland Park, Geresbeck’s Food Market, Graul’s Market, and Green Valley Marketplace. Moreover, Moore Crunch products can be found at prominent institutions like The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sinai Hospital, the National Aquarium, and Camden Yards.

Reflecting on his journey, Moore expressed his appreciation for the remarkable progress of his business, from humble beginnings to widespread recognition. As part of his ongoing efforts to engage with the community, Moore is undertaking a “Crunch Crew Tour” throughout April, visiting locations where his products are sold and connecting with new acquaintances.

Remaining steadfast in his mission, Moore aims to inspire individuals with autism by demonstrating that anything is achievable with determination and perseverance. Encouraging others not to succumb to discouragement, Moore emphasizes the importance of resilience and self-belief.

As Moore continues to expand his business, he remains committed to his vision of acquiring a larger commercial kitchen and providing employment opportunities for others. Additionally, he is dedicated to supporting children with autism through his endeavors.

For further information on Moore Crunch and opportunities to contribute, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official website.

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