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Innovative Pancake Batter in Spray Form Runs Its Course

by Celia

Sean O’Connor, the inventive mind behind Batter Blaster, shared with PBS his inspiration for revolutionizing breakfast preparation. Frustrated by the mess created while making waffles for his wife, O’Connor pondered why pancake batter couldn’t be as conveniently packaged as whipped cream in a spray can.

His solution? Batter Blaster, a pressurized canister filled with pancake batter, enabling home cooks to effortlessly squirt it directly into a pan or waffle iron.

Debuting in 2007, Batter Blaster quickly found shelf space in major retailers like Costco and Whole Foods. While some critics questioned its plastic packaging and argued for the simplicity of traditional batter preparation, the product garnered widespread approval.

Setting itself apart from typical convenience items, Batter Blaster boasted organic certification and utilized carbon dioxide to ensure a light and fluffy texture. By 2008, its revenue had reached an impressive $15 million mark.

However, despite notable achievements such as serving over 76,000 pancakes in a Guinness World Record attempt in 2009, Batter Blaster encountered challenges in educating consumers about its unique refrigerated pancake mix. Financial difficulties compounded when the company lost its manufacturing support, leading to its demise in 2012.

In a subsequent attempt to revive the concept, O’Connor’s business partner Nate Steck launched Nate’s Pancakes in 2014. Unfortunately, this endeavor also met a similar fate.

Despite its discontinuation, fervent fans continue to reminisce about Batter Blaster online, underscoring the unpredictable nature of consumer markets even for beloved products.

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