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Rosetta Bakery Announces Expansion to Midtown Miami’s Standard Residences

by Celia

Rosetta Bakery is set to launch a new venue, accompanied by a clandestine speakeasy, within The Standard Residences in Midtown Miami.

The establishment, rooted in Miami Beach with an Italian heritage, will occupy a spacious 2,500-square-foot area adjacent to the lobby of the forthcoming development located at 3100 NE First Avenue. Additionally, an outdoor space spanning 1,200 square feet will complement the indoor setting. Alongside Rosetta’s signature Italian baked goods, the venue will feature a discreet enclave named Privato by Rosetta, catering to late-night patrons with an array of crafted cocktails.

The Standard Residences, a 12-story structure situated near The Shops at Midtown, are a collaborative endeavor between Rosso Development and Midtown Development. In October, the project received a financial boost of $45 million from Bank OZK, facilitating its targeted completion by late 2024.

This venture marks the eighth installment of Rosetta Bakery in the Miami vicinity, adding to its existing footprint of three locations in Miami Beach, alongside two establishments in Manhattan and another within the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. Established in 2015 by co-founder Tommaso Bulfon, the bakery sought to infuse genuine Italian flavors into the local scene.

Carlos Rosso expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Tommaso and his team have elevated the café experience into an art form, perfecting Italian patisserie, culture, and craft cocktails. Together, we want to create a spot that will be the first place in the morning where residents at The Standard can visit for coffee and croissants, and the last place at night where they can linger and enjoy a Negroni or Bellini in good company.”

Recent figures indicate a notable surge in sales, with 95 percent of the 228 units at The Standard already sold as of April, up from 85 percent in October.

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