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Investigation Reveals High Concentration of Artificial Sweeteners in Cakes from Patiala Bakery

by Celia

Following the tragic death of a young girl in Patiala allegedly due to consuming a cake ordered online for her birthday, recent findings indicate that two out of four samples collected from the cake post-mortem were found to be substandard.

The samples, procured from India Bakery, where the cake was purchased by the family of the victim, Manvi, on March 24, revealed alarming levels of an artificial sweetener. Dr. Vijay Jindal, Patiala District Health Officer, highlighted that exceeding permissible limits of glucose renders the product substandard under regulations.

In response to these findings, authorities have issued a notice to the bakery, with further actions pending. However, Dr. Jindal clarified that sealing the bakery is not permitted under current regulations governing substandard food items.

Furthermore, the samples collected posthumously from the cake consumed by the deceased have been forwarded to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) for analysis. Any conclusive results from this examination will be directed to the police for their investigation.

Punjab Health Minister, Dr. Balbir Singh, expressed concern over the incident and has initiated a comprehensive investigation, directing the state’s food safety department to conduct tests on the cake at the regional food safety laboratory.

The tragic incident occurred on March 24, when Manvi, a fifth-grade student, celebrated her birthday in Patiala. Following the cake cutting ceremony around 7 pm, Manvi retired to bed. Subsequently, she complained of thirst early in the morning and later was discovered unconscious by her family. Despite immediate medical attention, she was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Allegations surfaced from Manvi’s family, claiming that five other members who consumed the cake also fell ill. The family sought assistance from the health department to investigate the cause of her demise, but their initial attempts were reportedly rebuffed.

The police have since launched an investigation into the matter, leading to the apprehension of several individuals. Expressing condolences, the health minister emphasized the need for a prompt and thorough investigation into the tragic incident, underscoring the significance of protecting the well-being of children. He has instructed the department to expedite the inquiry and submit a comprehensive report at the earliest.

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