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Tim Hortons Sparks Controversy in Calgary with Oilers-Themed Donuts

by Celia

The age-old rivalry between the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers has once again flared up, this time with Tim Hortons finding itself at the center of the fray.

A resident of Calgary, known only as “X user,” humorously declared a personal boycott of their local Tim Hortons establishment after discovering the sale of donuts adorned with the Oilers logo.

The decision to offer Oilers-themed pastries in Calgary, famously dubbed “Cowtown,” has ignited widespread discussion and amusement among locals.

Reflecting on the situation, one individual empathized with the sentiment, envisioning a similar scenario with Flames-branded treats in Edmonton. “I’d be pretty upset,” they confessed.

Support for the sentiment was echoed by others, with one adamant patron declaring, “I wouldn’t buy a Flames one if roles were reversed.”

Amidst the banter, creative suggestions emerged regarding alternative uses for the contentious confections. “I think they’re meant for throwing,” quipped one commentator.

True to the spirited nature of sports rivalries, Oilers fans couldn’t resist seizing the opportunity to rib their Flames counterparts. “I’m sure you could ask the province for some money to make a better team,” one tauntingly remarked.

Another added a playful jab, predicting, “It might be a few years before Tim Hortons sells Flames playoff donuts.”

In a city where hockey allegiances run deep, even the choice of donut toppings can stoke the flames of rivalry.

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