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Greggs Faces Setback as Applications for New Outlets Denied

by Celia

Greggs, the popular bakery chain, has encountered a setback in its plans to expand with the refusal of permission to open new outlets at two motorway service stations.

Planning officers at Wakefield Council have rejected Greggs’ proposals for new stores at Woolley Edge, located on the M1, and Darrington, situated on the A1. The decision was primarily influenced by concerns regarding the impact on surrounding greenbelt land.

Greggs had contended that one of the proposed stores would be “small scale” and “in keeping with the existing nature of the site.” Specifically, the bakery chain had applied to construct new drive-thru premises at the Moto Hospitality northbound services at Woolley Edge. The application included plans to modify the parking layout to accommodate the facility and to provide indoor seating for 32 customers.

Despite Greggs’ assertions that the development would not encroach upon surrounding countryside and that the visual impact would be minimized, the council planning officer deemed the plan as “inappropriate development.” The officer emphasized that situating the proposal in an area currently designated for parking would adversely affect the openness of the greenbelt.

Similarly, plans to introduce a temporary “Greggs Pod” building on a car park at Welcome Break services, located on the A1 southbound at Darrington, were also rejected. The proposal aimed to replace an office building with the new unit as part of efforts to modernize the services. However, the officer’s report highlighted that the new premises would be double the size of the existing office building, leading to concerns about its scale and impact on the greenbelt.

In both instances, the refusal of permission underscores the challenges faced by Greggs in expanding its presence at these locations.

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