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Bliss Bakery’s Downtown Kelowna Location Nears Closure

by Celia

The days are dwindling for patrons seeking their last cup of coffee and pastry at Bliss Bakery’s downtown Kelowna establishment. Located at the bustling corner of Ellis Street and Cawston Avenue, the coffee shop will shutter its doors permanently after business hours on Sunday, April 21.

This impending closure follows the announcement by owners Darci and Barry Yeo just over a month ago, signaling the end of an era for the beloved locale. Citing unsuccessful negotiations with their landlord as a primary factor, the Yeos also highlighted broader socioeconomic challenges influencing their decision.

Economic pressures on small businesses, coupled with the complexities of operating in an environment marked by homelessness and drug-related issues, contributed to the closure. “Our team members have had to deal with situations that are simply unacceptable, including indecent acts, property damages, and aggressive behavior,” explained Yeo in a statement issued in March. “We worry that someone will get hurt in such circumstances.”

In the wake of this announcement, Bliss Bakery has encouraged its loyal customers to share their fond memories and “moments of bliss” leading up to the downtown location’s final day of operations on Sunday.

While acknowledging the difficulty of the decision, the Yeos expressed gratitude for the positive impact they’ve made on downtown Kelowna over the past decade. “We cherish these connections and would love to hear your story,” noted a Facebook post from the Bliss Bakery account.

Despite the closure of the downtown Kelowna location, patrons can still enjoy the offerings at Bliss Bakery’s West Kelowna and Peachland locations in the future.

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