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French Bakery in Utah Prepares for Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

by Celia

As the countdown to the 2024 Paris Olympics reaches 100 days, anticipation for the games is palpable even in Utah.

Jean-Jacques Grossi, owner of Délice French Bakery and Café, may now call Utah home, but his heart remains loyal to his native country. Nestled on State Street, his bustling bakery serves as a hub for French-inspired delights.

“Over the years, business has flourished in Salt Lake City,” Grossi remarked.

The essence of France permeates every corner of his establishment, reflecting Grossi’s roots in the south of France.

“I often sit down with customers, sharing stories of my homeland and the journey of establishing a business here in Utah,” he shared.

For Grossi, France holds a special place as a melting pot of cultures.

“Many Utahns have a connection to France, whether through vacations or missions,” he noted.

Patrons flock to Délice French Bakery and Café for a taste of authentic French cuisine, finding comfort in the familiar flavors reminiscent of their European experiences.

“They appreciate the authenticity we bring, reminiscent of what they’ve enjoyed in Europe,” Grossi explained.

As the Olympic Games draw near, the excitement is palpable.

“I might need to install a TV just for the occasion,” Grossi joked. “It’s a joy to share this experience with our customers.”

Joining him in anticipation is his sister, Magali Coburn, who shares his sentiment about their homeland taking the global stage.

“Paris holds a timeless charm; it’s a city I’ll always love,” Coburn expressed.

Having lived in Paris for years before relocating to Utah 28 years ago, Coburn maintains a strong bond with her birthplace.

“I make it a point to return every year,” she revealed. “I was just in Paris last month.”

Recalling their experience during the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, both siblings recognize the magnitude of the event.

“The city was buzzing with activity, with security personnel stationed everywhere, particularly around iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower,” Coburn recalled. “I remember being astonished by the effort to clean the Seine River for the athletes’ competitions.”

Yet, despite their fond memories of the Olympics, there’s a special allure to watching the games from the comfort of their Utah home.

“Utah embodies a passion for sports and a warm embrace of the Olympic spirit,” Coburn reflected. “I look forward to savoring the beauty of Paris through the televised coverage, right from my own sofa.”

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