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Angelina Bakery Announces Expansion with New Upper East Side Location

by Celia

Angelina Bakery, a renowned purveyor of pastries blending Italian tradition with Korean innovation, is poised to delight Upper East Siders with its upcoming location at 1649 Third Avenue, nestled between East 92nd and 93rd streets. This expansion marks another milestone in the bakery’s rapid growth, with plans underway for an additional outpost at Grand Central.

Founded by Antonio “Tony” Park, Angelina Bakery distinguishes itself with a fusion of Italian classics and Korean influences. While the menu boasts beloved Italian staples like focaccia and pizza, Park infuses his creations with a Korean twist, exemplified by the airy, Korean-inspired Bombolones.

Explaining his approach to crafting these delectable treats, Park notes the use of water, oil, and sugar in Korean donuts, resulting in a lighter texture compared to their Italian counterparts. This innovative blend of flavors and techniques has garnered praise from critics and customers alike, with The New York Times lauding Park’s four cheese focaccia as “an exceptional treat,” and Eater NY listing Angelina Bakery among the city’s top destinations for donuts.

Park’s culinary journey is as diverse as his creations, hailing from Palermo, Italy, with Korean heritage. Trained in pastry at the Scuola Alberghiera of Palermo, he honed his skills as a pastry chef in Italy before bringing his expertise to the United States. Inspired by his Italian grandmother and named after his daughter, Angelina Bakery reflects Park’s personal and cultural influences.

With existing locations in Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square, and Koreatown, Angelina Bakery continues to captivate patrons with its inventive pastries and commitment to quality. As anticipation builds for its Upper East Side debut, residents can look forward to indulging in a unique culinary experience that celebrates the intersection of Italian tradition and Korean ingenuity.

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