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Chocolate Chipped Bakery to Open First Storefront in Downtown Farmington

by Celia

Downtown Farmington is about to get a whole lot sweeter with the impending arrival of Chocolate Chipped Bakery’s first brick-and-mortar location. Set to occupy the former Big Salad spot at 23342 Farmington Road, this move marks an exciting venture for Mary and Derek O’Connor, both residents of Farmington.

Anticipated to debut in early summer, the bakery promises a delectable array of treats to tantalize taste buds. Mary O’Connor shares, “We’ll have at least eight different cookies available daily, along with brownies, and depending on the season, a variety of fruit cobblers.”

For newcomers, the chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, vegan chocolate chip, and oatmeal butterscotch cookies are standout choices, according to O’Connor. Singling out her personal favorite, the oatmeal butterscotch, she notes its often overlooked appeal. “I think it’s so underrated,” she adds.

O’Connor’s journey as a baker traces back to her early days, where she tirelessly experimented in her modest apartment kitchen to craft the perfect cookie. “I wanted to create a cookie that was soft and cookie dough-like on the inside, but crispy on the outside,” she explains. “Everything I had tried from a restaurant was either too crispy or cakey.”

Chocolate Chipped Bakery has already made its mark at the Farmington Farmers Market over the years and operates an Etsy store for deliveries, along with a production facility in Wixom where all the dough is meticulously prepared.

In keeping with their customer-centric approach, the Farmington storefront aims to provide a seamless experience, prioritizing freshly baked goods while ensuring patrons receive personalized attention. “We wanted to keep the storefront customer-focused, so the employees are just having to focus on the customer experience,” O’Connor emphasizes. “So everything will be freshly baked, but we want the customer to be the focus instead of employees having to make dough also. People’s time is valuable.”

The new establishment will offer seating for those wishing to savor their treats indoors, catering to both leisurely visitors and those in a hurry. Looking ahead, the O’Connors envision expanding their footprint with additional locations and an expanded menu in the long term.

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