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Confection Connection Marks Sixth Anniversary with Transition to Fully Gluten-Free Bakery

by Celia

Owego, Tioga County – Confection Connection in Owego celebrated a significant milestone as it marked its sixth anniversary with a notable transformation – the bakery is now fully gluten-free, making it the first of its kind in Tioga County.

Owner Michelle Pelton shared that the decision to go entirely gluten-free was driven by the overwhelming preference of their customers. “Ninety percent of our regular customers were already opting for our gluten-free offerings,” Pelton stated. “We recognized the importance of catering to those with gluten sensitivities or allergies, which can pose serious health risks.”

The transition has been warmly embraced by the community, with Pelton noting an increase in business rather than a loss of clientele. “We’ve not only retained our existing customers but also gained new ones who appreciate the commitment to providing safe options,” she remarked.

Sabrina Henriques, President & CEO of the Tioga County Chamber of Commerce, highlighted Confection Connection’s integral role within the Owego community. “The bakery serves as a cherished gathering spot for residents, offering not only delicious baked goods but also opportunities for learning and socializing,” Henriques stated. “Their involvement, including hosting cooking classes and providing a welcoming environment for children, underscores their deep roots in the community.”

Looking ahead, Confection Connection has ambitious plans to expand its offerings. Pelton revealed intentions to introduce gluten-free lunches and has applied for a liquor license to enhance the culinary experience by incorporating beer and wine into their menu.

As Confection Connection continues to evolve, its commitment to providing safe and delicious treats remains unwavering, further solidifying its status as a beloved establishment within Tioga County.

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