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Homer’s Donuts Brings a Taste of Springfield to Montreal

by Celia

Montreal’s culinary scene is about to get a sprinkle of animated charm with the arrival of Homer’s Donuts in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighborhood. Drawing inspiration from the beloved animated series “The Simpsons,” this new establishment promises to satisfy cravings with a touch of nostalgia.

Among its offerings is the iconic pink donut adorned with colorful sprinkles, famously cherished by the show’s protagonist, Homer Simpson. However, Homer’s Donuts extends beyond the realm of animated indulgence, boasting a diverse selection of treats not directly tied to the series.

The interior is a tribute to “The Simpsons,” featuring the show’s distinctive font and playful donut decals reminiscent of scenes from the series. Additionally, patrons can enjoy classic arcade entertainment with a Simpsons arcade game nestled alongside the timeless favorite, Pac-Man.

Since gaining traction on social media, particularly on platforms like TikTok, Homer’s Donuts has experienced overwhelming popularity, often selling out of its delectable offerings. As a result, eager customers are advised to arrive early to avoid missing out on the experience.

For a sneak peek into the vibrant world of Homer’s Donuts, take a glimpse at the footage from the newly opened establishment below.

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