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Exclusive: Maine’s Holy Donut Garners National Acclaim for ‘Triple Berry’ Delight

by Celia

Donuts, or doughnuts, whichever spelling you prefer, hold a special place in the hearts of many across the United States. From their diverse flavors to their ability to brighten any morning, these round pastries have become a beloved treat nationwide.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary acknowledges ‘donut’ as a variant of ‘doughnut,’ a testament to its widespread usage fueled by brands like Dunkin’ Donuts. Regardless of spelling, the joy they bring remains consistent.

Recently, LoveFood, a renowned publication, unveiled its list of the best doughnuts across the nation, crowning one establishment in Maine with an exclusive honor. The Holy Donut, with locations in Portland, Auburn, and Scarborough, has earned distinction for its unique approach to crafting delectable treats.

At The Holy Donut, tradition meets innovation as freshly mashed Maine potatoes are incorporated into the dough, imparting a moist texture that sets their creations apart. Among their stellar offerings, the ‘Triple Berry’ stands out, featuring a glaze infused with blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry—a perennial favorite among patrons.

Given Maine’s reputation as a hub for wild blueberries, it’s fitting that this iconic ingredient finds its way into the state’s acclaimed doughnut creation. As The Holy Donut continues to redefine the doughnut experience, its ‘Triple Berry’ remains a testament to Maine’s culinary excellence on a national scale.

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