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Duck Donuts Delights Queen Creek with Delectable Treats

by Celia

In the world of business, inspiration often arises from unexpected sources. For Daniel and Ashley Bruno, the journey to success with Duck Donuts began with Ashley’s pregnancy cravings. Their latest triumph unfolds in Queen Creek, Arizona, where they recently unveiled their second store, following the debut of their initial venture in Chandler in December 2019.

With a focus on a singular style of vanilla cake doughnuts, Duck Donuts offers a diverse array of flavors tailored to every palate and occasion. From the adventurous indulgence of maple bacon and “bacon in the sun” (accented with salted caramel drizzle) to more traditional favorites like chocolate explosion, cinnamon bun, chocolate-covered strawberry, French toast, and coconut island bliss, there’s a treat for everyone year-round.

Originating in 2006 in Duck, North Carolina, Duck Donuts has burgeoned into a franchise with over 100 locations across the United States. Daniel Bruno, instrumental in bringing the brand to Arizona five years ago, explains that the name “Duck” pays homage to the city of Duck on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The Brunos’ connection to Duck Donuts traces back to their time in North Carolina. During Ashley’s pregnancy, locals recommended Duck Donuts to satisfy her sweet cravings. Daniel recalls the serendipitous encounter: “I literally walked over to the place, and they were making the doughnuts. Everything is made fresh. I ended up buying a dozen. She was hooked ever since.”

Upon returning to Arizona, the Brunos found themselves yearning for the warm, made-to-order delights of Duck Donuts. Inspired by their passion for the brand and recognizing a demand in their community, they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, establishing their first store in Chandler.

The decision to expand to Queen Creek stemmed from the observation of a significant number of patrons traveling from the area to their Chandler location. Embracing the opportunity to cater to this demand, the Brunos opened their second store in Queen Creek on January 25, after nearly two years of planning and preparation.

For Daniel, being part of the Queen Creek community is a privilege. He describes it as a “phenomenal neighborhood” that has warmly embraced Duck Donuts. The store’s welcoming ambiance has attracted patrons from various walks of life, including families, couples, and individuals seeking a delectable treat or a fun outing.

Beyond offering mouthwatering doughnuts, the Brunos have actively engaged with the local community, partnering with schools for fundraising initiatives. Their collaboration includes the sale of Duck Donuts’ signature rubber ducks, which have become a beloved emblem of the brand. Daniel notes with amusement, “We sell more of those little rubber ducks than doughnuts — believe it or not.”

With their dedication to quality, community engagement, and innovative flavors, the Brunos continue to spread joy and sweetness through Duck Donuts, enriching the culinary landscape of Queen Creek and beyond.

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