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Polar Donuts: A Beloved Destination for Over 30 Years

by Celia

Polar Donuts, nestled at Northwest 10th and Meridian Avenue, has become a cherished morning ritual for many, offering not just delectable donuts but also a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Owner Younts Waters, drawing from his extensive experience in donut shops across Los Angeles, has honed his craft to perfection. “I worked in donut shops all over Los Angeles and I just perfected what I was doing,” Waters shared.

The steady stream of customers speaks volumes about the quality of Polar Donuts. Charles Simmons, a regular patron, attested, “I’m going to say it now, they have got the best, freshest flavors always.”

Polar Donuts’ reputation extends beyond Oklahoma, drawing customers from neighboring states like Lawton. “I’m a business owner from Lawton, Oklahoma. I come to OKC for the best,” Simmons remarked.

Beyond the irresistible treats, Polar Donuts offers rewards just for stepping through the door. “Everybody gets a free donut every single day,” Waters proudly announced.

Despite the bustling crowd, the atmosphere at Polar Donuts remains vibrant and welcoming. “We have a lot of fun. I have a good crew here and everybody that works here wants to be here,” Waters emphasized.

What sets Polar Donuts apart? Waters revealed, “First of all, we use a potato flake recipe, and we also use a variety of dough conditioners.” Coupled with generous portions of butter and eggs, the donuts boast a remarkable softness and freshness throughout the day. “It gives them longevity, if you buy a box of these donuts, I promise you at six o’clock in the evening they’ll be soft and fresh,” Waters assured.

Customer Randy Smith praised the donuts, saying, “They’re well cooked and just the fluffiness of them is perfect.”

As Polar Donuts gears up to celebrate its 33rd year in business, it stands as a testament to the enduring support local businesses receive when they offer exceptional products and friendly service.

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