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Proposed Dunkin’ Donuts Sparks Traffic Concerns in Barelas Neighborhood

by Celia

A proposal to introduce a new Dunkin’ Donuts outlet to Albuquerque’s Barelas neighborhood has ignited apprehension among some residents.

City authorities are currently evaluating a plan to establish a new Dunkin’ Donuts location near the intersection of 4th Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue, in close proximity to the Hispanic Cultural Center. While the vicinity already hosts several fast food establishments, questions arise regarding its capacity to accommodate another.

Speaking with KOB 4, representatives from the neighborhood expressed reservations, citing existing traffic challenges in the area.

Antonio Aragon de Barelas, vice president of the Barelas Neighborhood Association, emphasized the community’s desire for Dunkin’ Donuts but stressed the importance of prioritizing safety. “We want Dunkin’ Donuts here, but let’s see what we can do in keeping it safe,” he stated.

Concerns primarily revolve around potential exacerbation of traffic hazards along Cesar Chavez Avenue, a location prone to accidents, according to crash data spanning from 2017 to 2022.

Aragon de Barelas voiced apprehension regarding the proposed site’s proximity to a stretch of road notorious for accidents, expressing doubt that adding another drive-thru would alleviate the situation. “It’s going to be a dangerous situation,” he cautioned, emphasizing the imperative to ensure pedestrian and resident safety.

The proposed site, situated on the south side of Cesar Chavez between 3rd and 4th streets, is already under scrutiny due to its history of traffic incidents.

Opposition to a proposed zoning change that would facilitate the addition of a drive-thru underscores community concerns about safety. The possibility of an exclusively walk-up location remains uncertain, but neighborhood representatives express openness to exploring alternatives.

Despite nearby establishments like McDonald’s and Sonic Drive-Thru, neighborhood leaders argue that these locations do not experience the same congestion and accessibility issues. They advocate for a focus on pedestrian-friendly amenities, particularly in light of the proposed Rail Trail walking path traversing the area.

In response to these concerns, residents are advocating for a comprehensive traffic study to assess the potential impact of the proposed Dunkin’ Donuts location.

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