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Krispy Kreme and Kit Kat Join Forces to Introduce Trio of Limited-Time Doughnut Flavors

by Celia

In a collaborative effort, Krispy Kreme and Kit Kat are set to unveil a tantalizing lineup of three distinct doughnuts, featuring a delectable fusion of creamy chocolate and crispy wafers, the renowned doughnut chain announced on Wednesday.

Commencing April 10th, enthusiasts can indulge in these innovative creations for a limited duration at select outlets. The offerings will be accessible for both pickup and delivery through the Krispy Kreme app and website, as outlined in the company’s recent press release.

The trio of new flavors comprises:

Kit Kat Crunch Doughnut: A signature Original Glazed doughnut coated in sumptuous Hershey’s milk chocolate icing, adorned with finely chopped Kit Kat segments, and enhanced with chocolate-flavored crispies.

Kit Kat Cookie Dream Doughnut: A delectable unglazed doughnut brimming with the essence of cookie dough-flavored cream, lavishly dipped in Hershey’s milk chocolate icing, and garnished with chopped Kit Kat pieces, cookie crumbles, and semi-sweet Hershey’s chips, accentuated by a delicate drizzle of cookie dough-flavored icing.

Kit Kat Salted Caramel Brownie Doughnut: Featuring an Original Glazed base crowned with indulgent brownie batter-flavored buttercream, adorned with a medley of chopped Kit Kat and brownie morsels, and elegantly finished with salted caramel-flavored ribbons.

For those unable to visit Krispy Kreme outlets, the Kit Kat Crunch Doughnut and Kit Kat Salted Caramel Brownie Doughnut will also be available in convenient 6-pack assortments, freshly delivered daily to select grocery stores. Participating retailers include Walmart, Kroger, Food Lion, Publix, Slater Brothers, and various other outlets.

To locate the nearest Krispy Kreme outlet or grocery store offering these delectable treats, customers can utilize the Krispy Kreme shop locator tool.

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