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Mister Donut Introduces its Most Intense Matcha Doughnuts Yet

by Celia
Misdo Meets Gion Tsujiri

Mister Donut’s collaboration with Gion Tsujiri brings a new level of intensity to green tea confections.

Mister Donut, Japan’s renowned doughnut chain, has unveiled its latest offering in collaboration with Kyoto-based Gion Tsujiri, known for its high-quality green tea products. The “Misdo Meets Gion Tsujiri” series, a cherished annual tradition for the past eight years, has returned with a heightened sensation for green tea enthusiasts.

This year’s collection, launched on March 27th, boasts an unprecedented range of matcha-infused doughnuts, promising an intense flavor experience like never before. Priced at 1,143 yen (approximately US$7.55), the “Misdo Meets Gion Tsujiri First Release Set” includes five distinct doughnuts, marking a pinnacle in the collaboration’s history.

Comprising three Pon-de Ring doughnuts and two “Okoi” doughnuts, aptly named for their rich color and deep flavor, the collection exemplifies the mastery and dedication of both Mister Donut and Gion Tsujiri in delivering unparalleled taste and quality to their customers.

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