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Shipley Do-nuts Announces Exclusive Preview of Limited-Time Donut Offering

by Celia

Houston-based Shipley Do-Nuts is set to kick off a month-long celebration for its customers, starting with an enticing offer on Monday featuring a specialty donut.

Donna Josephson, Chief Marketing Officer at Shipley Do-Nuts, expressed the company’s commitment to brightening Mondays for its loyal fans throughout the month. “We recognize the significance of beginning the week positively and are excited to reward our dedicated patrons with a delicious start to their Mondays,” she stated.

In addition to the special donut promotion, Shipley Do-Nuts will enhance its loyalty program benefits, catering to its growing base of over 100,000 members. The program rewards customers with five points for every dollar spent, allowing them to progress through membership tiers and unlock various perks, including complimentary donuts, kolaches, and Shipley merchandise discounts.

The company has outlined a series of upcoming specials for customers to enjoy:

April 1: Customers can enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of Shipley’s newest limited-time, specialty donut for free with any purchase. This offer extends through Sunday, April 7.

April 8: Earn an additional 500 points with any purchase.

April 15: On Tax Day, customers can avail of a buy-one, get-one half-dozen box of donuts before or after filing taxes.

April 22: Celebrate Earth Day with a complimentary medium cup of Shipley’s Rainforest Alliance Certified house blend hot, cold brew, or iced coffee with any purchase.

April 29: Receive an additional 500 points with any purchase.

Shipley Do-Nuts’ month-long promotion aims to delight customers with a variety of treats and rewards, showcasing the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and appreciation.

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