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Entrepreneurial Journey: Table & Apron’s Founder Expands Legacy with Universal Bakehouse

by Celia

Since its establishment in 2014, Table & Apron has solidified its presence in Damansara Kim as a culinary cornerstone. Following a transformative period in 2017, when founder Marcus Low revamped the business post the departure of his core team, the restaurant has not only endured but thrived. Now, nearly seven years later, Low has expanded the enterprise with the launch of Universal Bakehouse, situated adjacent to Table & Apron.

Speaking on the unconventional move, Low emphasized that the decision to open Universal Bakehouse was driven by organic evolution rather than strictly financial motives. Despite initial reservations about its commercial viability, Low and his team were compelled by various factors. The opportunity to diversify their offerings and explore new culinary avenues resonated with the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Table & Apron.

Initially considering expanding Table & Apron’s dining space, Low’s team redirected their focus towards the bakery concept. This shift was influenced by several factors, including the desire for culinary exploration and a more efficient production process. Notably, the bakery’s establishment presented an opportunity to honor a longstanding community institution: Universal Laundry, which had served Damansara Kim for over four decades.

Universal Bakehouse pays homage to its predecessor not only through its name but also through its commitment to community integration and preservation of heritage. Low’s decision to maintain the original signage underscores the bakery’s role as a custodian of tradition within the evolving neighborhood landscape.

Despite its humble beginnings, Universal Bakehouse experienced a surge in popularity during the pandemic, capitalizing on increased demand for artisanal baked goods amidst dining restrictions. Low attributes this success to the bakery’s timeless appeal and dedication to quality over fleeting trends.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Low emphasizes the importance of adaptability and continual evolution. As the culinary landscape evolves, Low remains committed to preserving the essence of his establishments while embracing innovation and change. Through initiatives like consolidating multiple brands under a unified management structure, Low aims to create a sustainable platform for culinary excellence and career development within the hospitality industry.

As Table & Apron’s founder embarks on the next phase of his culinary journey, one thing remains clear: his unwavering commitment to quality, community, and the relentless pursuit of culinary excellence.

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