Home News Nightingale Breads, a small town bakery in Forestville, California, is big on flavour.

Nightingale Breads, a small town bakery in Forestville, California, is big on flavour.

by Celia

In Forestville, California, Nightingale Breads has established itself as a beloved destination for patrons seeking fresh and delectable breads and baked goods. The evidence of its popularity is evident in the perpetual line of customers eager to indulge in its offerings.

Regular customer Gabrielle attests to the bakery’s allure, noting, “Pretty much always have to wait in line.” Similarly, local patron Rod confirms, “There’s usually five or six people waiting to get in.” Despite the wait, customers are more than willing to endure it, drawn by the promise of exceptional quality.

Gabrielle emphasizes her commitment to Nightingale Breads, stating, “The fact that they are an organic bakery… I’ll drive from further away to come here because I know the quality is best in town.” Longtime shopper Louie echoes this sentiment, declaring it “the best bakery in the world.”

The driving force behind Nightingale Breads’ success is owner and baker Jessie Frost’s passion for her craft. Frost cherishes the ability to create with her hands, describing it as “definitely the best part.” She attributes part of the bakery’s appeal to its long fermentation process and the warmth of its wood-fired oven, which contribute to the exceptional flavor and quality of the bread.

While Nightingale Breads specializes in sourdough breads, focaccia, and baguettes, it also offers a tempting array of daily specials. These include babka on Thursday, filled brioche buns on Friday, cinnamon rolls on Saturday, and scones on Sunday. For many customers, Sunday holds particular significance due to the exclusive availability of scones, with four different varieties offered each week.

Customer Lisa praises the scones, noting their irresistible texture and flavor. Antoinette shares in the sentiment, describing them as “moist, flavorful… they just crumble in your mouth.” Witnessing the delight of her customers is immensely gratifying for Frost, who finds joy in their satisfaction.

“There’s nothing like having a customer bite into a baguette as they are leaving and tell you how much they enjoy it on the way out,” Frost reflects, encapsulating the essence of Nightingale Breads’ commitment to delivering exceptional baked goods and fostering a sense of community appreciation.

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