Home News A beloved Texas cake shop returns to Buda as a home-based bakery.

A beloved Texas cake shop returns to Buda as a home-based bakery.

by Celia

A beloved bakery in Buda, Sweet Cakes 4 U, has reopened its doors this spring, albeit in a different format. After a decade of service, the bakery had closed its physical location in 2023 but has now returned as a home bakery business since March 12.

Owned by mother Dolores Diaz and daughter Victoria Diaz, Sweet Cakes 4 U faced the challenge of adhering to Texas cottage food laws, which regulate the sale of goods by home bakers. Consequently, their pickup menu has been modified to comply with these regulations. Customers can expect offerings such as eight-inch square cakes in classic flavors like double-chocolate and sweet vanilla, available weekly, alongside rotating flavors like red velvet and pineapple-upside-down. Additionally, the menu will feature a variety of other baked goods, including white chocolate chip/walnut blondies, s’mores squares, and pound cakes by the slice.

Closing Sweet Cakes in March 2023 was a difficult decision for the Diaz family. Victoria explained via email, “Our lives had been the shop for the last decade and it was scary thinking of doing anything else.” The decision was driven by the rising cost of goods and the challenges of maintaining sufficient staffing levels, which were causing undue stress for both the family and their employees. However, the desire to continue serving their community persisted.

Although initially hesitant to re-enter the baking business, Dolores eventually decided to revive Sweet Cakes, albeit in a different capacity. While the bakery initially accepted orders through Facebook and Instagram messaging, the overwhelming response prompted a shift to a more organized system. Orders can now be placed via a Google form page, with weekly menus for timed pickups on Fridays and Saturdays announced on Mondays at 11 a.m. Advanced payment is required via Venmo and Cash App, and the exact Buda address is disclosed after orders are confirmed.

The reopening of Sweet Cakes 4 U as a home bakery represents a new chapter for the Diaz family, allowing them to continue sharing their passion for baking with their community while navigating the challenges of operating within cottage food laws.

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