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Dunkin’ Donuts’ vegan baker caught reselling doughnuts

by Celia

A small vegan bakery located in Long Island, Savory Fig Bakery, has found itself in the midst of controversy after it was discovered that they were not actually producing their own vegan and gluten-free donuts, but rather reselling baked goods from Dunkin’ Donuts. The revelation came to light when owner Michelle Siriani inadvertently included a Dunkin’ Donuts product in an order fulfilled for a vegan market, Cindy Snacks.

The bakery, which initially appeared to be a local business dedicated to providing vegan and gluten-free options to its community, now faces scrutiny for misleading customers about the origin and ingredients of their products. The donuts sold by Savory Fig were marketed as vegan and gluten-free, but the presence of Dunkin’s signature D sprinkles on one of the donuts exposed the truth.

This situation raises serious concerns, as individuals with dietary restrictions, particularly those with celiac disease, could face significant health risks from consuming products containing gluten. Fortunately, no incidents have been reported thus far, but the potential danger is evident.

In response to the controversy, Savory Fig Bakery has deactivated its Instagram account and limited its activity on Facebook. Furthermore, the bakery is now under investigation by the New York Division of Food Safety and Inspection, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and honesty in food labeling and business practices, particularly when it comes to catering to individuals with dietary restrictions. Customers rely on accurate information to make informed decisions about the products they consume, and any deception can have serious consequences for public health and trust in businesses.

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