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Plans to open new cafe in Harbour District move forward for Sugar and Flour owners

by Celia

Sugar and Flour bakery and cafe proprietors are progressing with their venture to establish a new cafe within the Harbor District’s R1VER campus, located at 2067 S. 1st St.

Named Casera Cafe, the establishment is slated to commence operations by the end of July, provided construction plans proceed as scheduled, according to co-owner George Herrera.

Originally unveiled in October, the cafe’s nomenclature was finalized as Casera, derived from Spanish, meaning “homemade.”

“Everything will be homemade,” affirmed George Herrera, emphasizing the commitment to crafting homemade breads, desserts, and coffee syrups. The menu will also feature gluten-free and vegan selections.

The genesis of the business traces back to Karen Herrera, who initially sold cookies from her residence and on Etsy. Subsequently, the couple inaugurated a physical outpost for Sugar and Flour at 5721 Broad St., Greendale, in 2017.

Occupying 4,200 square feet, the forthcoming Casera Cafe is envisioned to emanate an open, breezy, and refined ambiance. The Herreras intend to introduce verdant elements such as plants, along with lounge and communal seating arrangements.

“We’re looking forward to working with a new team … and building a new community,” remarked George Herrera, expressing eagerness for the forthcoming endeavor.

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