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A.E. Barrow & Sons Bakery on Sittingbourne High Street is not set to close, despite plans to demolish the building.

by Celia

A.E. Barrow & Sons Ltd, a cherished family-run bakery with a rich history spanning over 90 years in Sittingbourne High Street, is assuring patrons that it is not ceasing operations despite forthcoming changes to its premises.

Simon Reynolds, the third-generation proprietor of the bakery, has clarified that proposed plans to erect a four-storey block of flats behind the store will not hinder its continued operation.

The submitted plans to Swale council entail the demolition of a portion of the bakery to accommodate the new construction. However, Mr. Reynolds maintains that these alterations will not impede the bakery’s ability to serve its loyal customers.

Established in 1931 by William Barrow under the name of the Carlton Cafe, the bakery has remained a fixture in the town, offering an assortment of cakes, pastries, bread, and sandwiches.

Following William Barrow’s tenure, the bakery was overseen by his daughter, Jean Reynolds, until 2009. Simon Reynolds, Jean’s son, then assumed leadership of the family business.

Addressing concerns raised by customers, Mr. Reynolds emphasized that the bakery will remain operational throughout the proposed changes. He stated, “There was one customer who had told one of my staff that she was going to lose her job. But if the plans are approved, we will still be serving customers at the same rate as we are now.”

Mr. Reynolds underscored the bakery’s adaptability, noting that despite potential spatial adjustments, production levels will remain consistent. “We have a larger building than people realize, and we don’t need all the space we currently have,” he explained. “We are condensing what we have but will be able to churn out the same amount by changing shift patterns and thanks to modern production machinery that we already have here.”

The plans were formally submitted to Swale council on Friday, February 2nd, marking a step forward in the bakery’s evolution while honoring its enduring legacy in the community.

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