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Sweet Lady Jane Bakery Set to Open New Location in Larchmont

by Celia

Julie Ngu, the new owner of Sweet Lady Jane, announced plans to open a new bakery in Larchmont by the end of the month, bringing the celebrated brand to the neighborhood for the first time.

In an exclusive interview with the Buzz, Ngu expressed optimism about the forthcoming opening, stating, “With fingers and toes crossed, we hope to open the Larchmont bakery by the end of the month.”

Ngu, who recently acquired the company, shared her excitement as she provided insights into the expansion. She disclosed that all four existing locations in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Encino, and Calabasas are now operational. Additionally, efforts are underway to revitalize the Melrose location, which underwent renovation following the closure of the company last year.

Reflecting on the profound connections customers have with Sweet Lady Jane, Ngu remarked, “Every time we open a bakery, there is a customer on the other side of the door sharing a story with us about how this was their birthday cake for ten years, or it was their wedding cake and they wanted one for their first anniversary, the stories are so wonderful.”

Ngu and her husband acquired the bakery from a bankruptcy trustee after it shuttered due to high operating costs. As CEO of Pacific French Bakery, renowned for its Central American pastries, Ngu brings a wealth of experience to Sweet Lady Jane.

Expressing her fondness for Larchmont Village, Ngu stated, “I love Larchmont Village. You forget you are in LA when you are in Larchmont, there’s a wonderful small-town charm about the street.”

Acknowledging the unique character of the Larchmont location, Ngu detailed plans for a more grab-and-go concept, catering to the community’s preferences. The menu will feature Sweet Lady Jane’s signature treats, including fully decorated cupcakes, brownies, and lemon bars, alongside popular items like curried chicken salad and turkey chili.

Ngu’s acquisition of Sweet Lady Jane includes its intellectual property and cherished recipes, and she has rehired 25 former employees, including the head baker who worked alongside founder Jane Lockhart thirty years ago.

Expressing a mix of nerves and excitement ahead of the opening, Ngu said, “I am nervous and excited at the same time. I am also humbled and grateful for the support, we have poured our life savings into this and it’s like a dream come true.”

The impending arrival of Sweet Lady Jane is poised to enrich Larchmont’s culinary landscape, offering residents and visitors alike a delectable array of cakes and pastries to savor.

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