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Charges Dropped Against Owner of Oakmont Bakery in Walmart Theft Accusation

by Celia

Frazer Township resident Marc Serrao, owner of Oakmont Bakery, saw charges against him dropped following accusations of theft from a Walmart in the area.

The retail theft charges were dismissed on Tuesday after Serrao’s attorney presented evidence indicating inconsistencies in the accusations. Attorney Mike DeRiso highlighted surveillance footage which failed to demonstrate any illicit activity and even depicted instances of over-payment.

Serrao had been accused of stealing $112 worth of strawberries, allegedly among $13,000 worth of purchases made over a three-month period. DeRiso emphasized that a thorough examination of months’ worth of surveillance footage failed to corroborate the accusations.

“This was infuriating, actually, and I was eagerly anticipating the opportunity to cross-examine AP Cathy, the asset protection personnel who initiated the charges. There was simply no basis in the videos to suggest any wrongdoing on Mr. Serrao’s part,” stated DeRiso.

DeRiso further contended that the situation could have easily befallen any individual utilizing self-checkout systems.

In response to the ordeal, Serrao expressed gratitude and relief, stating, “At the end of the day, I’m a baker who was raised in Penn Hills, with a thriving business in Oakmont. I’m immensely thankful.” He further noted the resilience of his bakery business, citing a 7% increase in revenue since the commencement of the accusation. “It proves that our customers don’t believe—or this didn’t deter anyone from patronizing us,” Serrao remarked during an interview on KDKA Radio.

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