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Sugar Llamas mini doughnut and ice cream chain opens new store in Shelton

by Celia

Shelton, CT – Sugar Llamas, a burgeoning chain specializing in mini donuts, coffee, and ice cream, is set to unveil its inaugural Connecticut outpost in Shelton.

Yolanda Ihasz, spokesperson for Sugar Llamas, confirmed on Tuesday that a new location is slated to open in the Fountain Square plaza at 801 Suite B, adjacent to Mercato Italian Kitchen and Bar.

“Shelton was an excellent choice for us because of all the new exciting development with restaurants and stores opening up all the time,” remarked Ihasz in an email to Patch. “We are proud to be part of this new development.”

The menu at the Shelton establishment will feature Sugar Llama’s renowned and inventive mini donuts, along with specialty coffee concoctions, their signature “Llama”-aid, and freshly churned ice cream made in-house.

Additionally, custom ice cream cakes will be on offer, as revealed by Ihasz.

“The store design is going to be worth a visit,” enthused Ihasz, “with the llama theme and classic ice cream shoppe vibe.”

While an official opening date hinges on construction deadlines, Ihasz disclosed that the Shelton location is tentatively scheduled to commence operations around the second week of April.

“We will have a finalized grand opening soon,” assured Ihasz.

According to their website, Sugar Llamas aspires to be every customer’s favored local donut shop, coffee house, and ice cream parlor combined, offering a comprehensive treat experience for morning, afternoon, and night.

The store’s mini donuts are available in a plethora of “house favorite” flavors, including plain, cinnamon sugar, and cocoa powdered sugar, as well as “Llama Legend” varieties such as peanut butter cup, s’mores, and chocolate chip pancake.

Patrons can further enhance each donut with an array of tantalizing “drizzles,” such as apple, caramel, marshmallow, cotton candy, coconut, and Reese’s peanut butter.

For those seeking to infuse their coffee with fun flavors, an extensive selection awaits, featuring options like caramel chai, white chocolate, cinnamon, and lavender. Moreover, every beverage is accompanied by a complimentary hot mini donut.

Sugar Llamas predominantly operates in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas. In addition to Shelton, forthcoming locations are in the pipeline for Fort Smith, Ark., Edmond, Okla., and Longview, Texas.

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