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Lehigh Valley’s New Mediterranean Bakery Offers Egyptian, Turkish Specialities

by Celia

A new bakery venture, Baba Bakery, has emerged in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, offering an array of artisanal baked goods infused with Egyptian and Turkish flavors. The family-run establishment, situated at 49 N. Broad St., opened its doors on March 2, delighting locals with its diverse selection of sweet and savory treats.

Founded by husband and wife duo Mohamed and Cansu Hagag, Baba Bakery brings together their Egyptian and Turkish heritage in crafting a unique culinary experience. Assisted by Cansu’s father and other family members, the bakery specializes in traditional delicacies such as baklava, sutlac (Turkish rice pudding), and lahmacun (flatbread topped with minced beef and vegetables).

A standout offering at Baba Bakery is its selection of acma, Turkish-style soft bagels available in flavors like plain, olive, cinnamon raisin, and everything. Customers have praised these bagels for their distinctive taste and texture, likening them to a blend of a bagel and a croissant.

According to Mohamed, the secret behind their acclaimed bagels lies in a family recipe that incorporates extra butter into the dough, resulting in a softer texture and prolonged freshness. Living above the bakery, the Hagags have streamlined their daily operations, allowing them to focus on delivering freshly baked goods to their customers.

The bakery, which features seating for approximately 12 patrons, occupies a renovated space that previously housed Vista Grill. By removing a dividing wall between the kitchen and dining area, the Hagags have created a more open and interactive environment for customers to observe the baking process.

Baba Bakery caters to diverse tastes, offering an assortment of Turkish and Egyptian specialties, including simit (Turkish sesame bread), borek (spinach and feta cheese pastry), and poğaça (Turkish pastries). Additionally, a tempting array of desserts awaits, featuring classics like baklava, sutlac, and kadayf (shredded dough sweetened with walnuts).

With a commitment to freshly baked happiness, Baba Bakery aims to serve as a culinary hub for the Nazareth community, blending Mohamed’s business expertise with his passion for cooking and baking. The Hagags are grateful for the warm reception from locals and look forward to sharing their cultural heritage through their delectable creations.

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